The name is an acronym representing Love, Inspiration, Fellowship, and Evangelism. The groups meet at all different times each week to promote these values. God has called us together to be the body of Christ by sharing His love, His message, and His life. As we come together in a small group context to pursue these goals, we find we grow spiritually, and are able to introduce others to God. Thus, belonging to these groups helps us to fulfill Christ's command to "love one another" and to "go and make disciples." You are welcome to one of these groups. There are a variety of different groups offered every semester.
There's one just for you!

 SPRING 2020 LifeGroups 

So much good stuff is in store for you as a part of one of these life changing groups. LifeGroups offer a host of wonderful topics for you to study alongside friends. You will be enriched by this experience! Make great new friends, grow in your knowledge of God, and be a blessing to our community! 

(February-April 2020)